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Network Cabling

The most common network cable in use at the moment is the Category 5e cable (Cat5e). It offers significant increases over the Cat5 cable and its predecessors but more recently, the Cat6 cable has become the standard. The Cat6 Cable also has its variants – Cat6a, Cat6e which all have specific features and speed levels.
We employ the best technicians who know the ins and outs of each of the products and can comfortably recommend products based on your specific requirements and budgets.

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Network Cabling Installation

At Rocket Data Cabling, we understand how complicated yet important network cabling installation can be in the commercial world.

We are confident that between our technicians and service staff and their years of experience with network cabling, we can not only find the perfect data cabling solution for your situation but also make sure you understand what we are recommending and why.

We can be as technical or plain spoken as you like, because at the end of the day, the more involved and informed everyone is, the easier the jobs will go.

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Cabling installations almost everywhere across Australia

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