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Fibre Optic Testing

Fibre Optic networks are the most technologically advanced data cable option existing at the moment but even fibre optics are not immune from signal loss or failure. If your business or institution is noticing any issue at all, the smart way forward is to hire a licensed and experienced technician to do Fibre Optic Testing and assess for any issues.

In the same way that getting health checks or going to the dentist every year is important, getting a general check up of your data cabling network can help reduce any bigger issues in the future. We can find small faults that often go unnoticed or suggest small adjustments that may be able to give you significant improvements across the network.

If you have noticed a fault, then we will conduct a thorough test of your network, using the latest start-of-the-art Fluke testing devices and provide in depth reports on every aspect of your network, isolating the faults and making recommendations on possible solutions.

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Is your fibre working 100%?